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Rack sketch from 2011

March 7th, 2015

Design for a small rack on the Rawland rSogn planned before I bought a Haulin Colin rack.

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Russ’ SR Semi Pro

April 28th, 2013

Over the past couple weeks, Russ and I used free time to overhaul his blue SR Semi Pro. It is now complete. Along with Branden, we took a Saturday afternoon shakedown ride to The Shack in Playa del Rey where we ate burgers, enjoyed a Ranger IPA and chatted with an interesting young man who claimed his office job was rating online porno films. Anyway, about the bike…

For casual use, I suggested ditching the gears. After a few tests, Russ settled on 40 x 17, or around 64 gear inches. I like the higher cadence of my Takara, which is set at a lower 55 gear inches. We maintained a similar pace on the ride.

To switch to single speed, we purchased a cog and spacers kit from Crow Cycle to convert the cassette hub (not original). Other improvements include:

-Panaracer Pasela 700Cx35 (replaced the heavier 28mm Vittoria tires)
-Standard Brooks B17 honey saddle
-Velo Orange Milan handlebar
Velo Orange alloy chainguard (The 44t model fit the 40t chainring well.)
-Velo Orange brake cables and blue housing
-Velo Orange Kraton basket weave grips to match the saddle
-cheap alloy pedals (also from Crow – surprisingly nice quality)
-chrome single chainring bolts
-swapped the seat post with an SR rain catcher Laprade from my spares
-overhauled bottom bracket and headset

Edit: We will rotate the tires to align the label with the valves. Whoops.

Here’s the bike before the work.

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April 25th, 2013

Is this really the only photo I took of Russ’ bike overhaul project last Saturday?

More to come…

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